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Hello from the Philippines! At ATS, we believe in perfection. As your offshore team, we promise dedication, flair, and that unique Filipino charm in all we do.

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Outsourced Professionals

From hospital bill audits to English language tutoring and more!

We offer a wide range of outsourced professionals who can help you get the job done! With so many outsourcing options, it’s never been easier.

Whether an accountant, English tutor or medical professional is needed, our qualified talent will be committed long-term and ensure that costs won’t become a barrier when building up your dream squad!

At ATS, we’re a leader in the expanding Philippine talent market. Our team of professionals has set us up to be innovators and trendsetters – an exciting opportunity that is sure to attract top- notch candidates!

Top-notch professionals

Who can help take your business to new heights. Our company is the go-to destination for employers searching for the best and brightest talent. We offer an unparalleled selection of applicants, ranging from freshly graduated students to experienced professionals.

Health Care

Outsourcing services in the healthcare sector and experience substantial expense reductions and maximize asset potential:

  • Registered and Non-registered nurses
  • Certified coders (CCS or CPC)
  • Hospital Bill auditors
  • HEDIS reviewers


At ATS, we source the most qualified English teachers passionate about delivering extraordinary results. Equipped with outstanding teaching and communication abilities, our educators are committed to making your facility successful. By entrusting us with hiring staff members from this field of expertise, you can rest assured that all related aspects are taken care of – leaving only supervision as an obligation on your part.

English Language

Unlock Global Potential with our dedicated team of language experts and professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional services that will enhance communication, streamline operations, and drive success.

Maximize your offshore professional's potential

with seamless supervision and tracking

Our services go beyond providing knowledgeable professionals. We strive to make the whole experience smooth and effortless for everyone involved. Our reliable infrastructure and system are positioned to make your business a success. Experience a bespoke journey explicitly designed for you, helping you achieve maximum efficiency at an accelerated rate. Increase velocity with a personalized experience tailored according to your needs.