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Ignite Growth with Remote Home-Based Staff

In the Philippines, many of our skilled remote home-based staff live outside big cities. At ATS, we help them work from home. This way, local and global companies get great staff, regardless of location.

Grow your business with our Remote Home-based staff
Remote Home-Based staff in Cebu

We Find Home-Based Staff in Cebu, Philippines!

Hiring staff to work from home is an excellent option whether you need just one employee or a team.

You can choose from many skilled professionals in the Philippines by considering candidates from Cebu and allowing them to work from home.

  • Full-Time Remote Home-Based Staff

  • Most affordable way to have staff offshore

  • Offers a better balance between work and life for Filipinos

Why Choose Our Home-Based Staff?

With ATS, we handle the operations, facilities, and tech needs of your office-based staff in the Philippines.

  • Global Talent, Local Rates

    Find the perfect match for your project from our handpicked talent pool, and pay local rates no matter where they are.

  • Adaptable & Resilient

    Home-based professionals are self-starters, flexible to change, and resilient in overcoming remote work challenges.

  • Diverse Skillsets

    Our talent pool caters to various industries, from bookkeeping to travel, data entry, and more.

Why Choose our Remote Home-Based Staff for your Business
Complete HR and Payroll Assistance​ for your remote home-based staff

ATS provides complete HR and Payroll Assistance to staff

No matter where your remote home-based staff is located, be it in our state-of-the-art offices or their homes, we handle all their HR and payroll requirements.

Managing your home-based staff becomes a breeze with us, making it feel like they are in your office.

Want to see how it all works? Check out our “How It Works” page! Please find out how we keep things simple and friendly.

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ATS Awesome Team

ATS Awesome Team

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