Build Your Elite Remote & Offshore Teams in the Philippines

Discover the magic of Filipino remote professionals and let their passion and expertise elevate your dream offshore team.

ATS Outsourcing CEO

A message from the founder and CEO ~

“Organizations looking to maintain top-tier standards, expectations and brand integrity while reducing operational costs can depend on our experience building competent teams in the Philippines. With close management oversight, we ensure that performance remains consistently high - allowing you to make significant financial savings without compromise.”

Flexibility and Dynamism

Our elite offshore team provides flexibility and dynamism to help you excel. With our talented personnel, we ensure any outsourcing project is accomplished with optimal efficiency

Customer Experience

ATS exceptional team is dedicated to delivering an outstanding service experience that your customers will never forget. We understand how important it is for you to preserve and protect a positive reputation, so trust us to take care of it with the utmost precision.


ATS provides a reliable and efficient solution to any operational challenge, enabling users to seamlessly manage back office processes with guaranteed speed and quality.

Team of Professionals

With our rapidly growing and robust talent pool, you can benefit from the advanced expertise your business needs - without any hassle or expenses associated with building a team in-house.

Key Factors to Consider When Outsourcing with ATS

ATS stands ready to assist. We’ve outlined key insights below. Kindly take a moment to understand the value we can provide.

Personal Service

  • Personalized to fit your needs
  • Connect with your team, managers, and execs quickly

Reduce Cost

  • Avoid extra cost of city centers with our single office location
  • Budget easily with our simple hourly rates.

How it works

4-step process to obtain your dedicated outsourced staff.


Share your requirements

Give us the job description.

We find the best fit

We source top-notch professionals, ensuring quality.

ATS leadership team keeps you updated

They report to you remotely or in the office daily.

We handle the backend

Overseeing operations and upholding quality standards for you.

Build Your Dedicated, Full-Time Offshore Team in the Philippines
How outsourcing in the Philippines work
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ATS Awesome Team

ATS Awesome Team

Let’s ignite a conversation on how we can jumpstart and/or elevate your outsourcing game! Whether you’re a seasoned player in the BPO industry or just about to embark on your own outsourcing journey, ATS is here to learn and understand your unique business needs and show you how our services can help! So let’s get this started!

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