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What’s the Cost of Outsourcing to the Philippines?

Navigating the business world can feel like sailing choppy waters, especially when trying to find ways to save money without cutting corners. Have you thought about outsourcing? It’s like finding a secret treasure island, and the Philippines is one of its brightest jewels. Why? Well, it’s not just about saving pennies. Imagine a place where people are not only easy on the pocket but also super talented, great at speaking English, and get what businesses in the West are all about.

But, like any treasure hunt, there are twists and turns. How much does it cost? Are there any surprise charges? And what’s the real value you get out of it? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. This guide is like your trusty map, showing you all the nooks and crannies of outsourcing in the Philippines. By the end, you’ll be ready to set sail with confidence. So, stick around if you’re a budding business or an old hand looking for fresh tricks. This is one journey you’ll want to share with your crew!

Pricing Model for Outsourcing in the Philippines

So, you’re thinking of outsourcing? Great choice! But first, let’s talk about the cost of outsourcing to the Philippines. How do they charge? Well, most often, it’s a mix of fixed monthly salaries and pay-per-hour deals. This means you can pick what suits your pocket and project. Go set for something long-term and hourly for a quick job.

Cost of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Now, the big attraction to the Philippines is the savings on salaries. To give you a ballpark, a newbie might take home around $450 a month, while someone with more experience could be looking at $800 to $1,100. The difference is clear when you stack this against what you’d pay back home.

Factors That Influence the Outsourcing Price Tag

But wait, there’s more to the story. A few things can swing the cost:

  • Nature of the Job: Simple tasks like data entry might be lighter on the wallet than building a website.
  • Expertise Needed: It might cost a tad more if you’re after a pro in their field. Think of it like hiring a graphic designer versus someone to answer emails.
  • Scope of the Project: A big project? That’ll be an enormous bill. Sometimes, there’s room to haggle for a discount.
  • Duration of the Task: Quick jobs might have a steeper hourly rate, while longer gigs could offer a monthly deal.

Hidden Costs You Might Not Have Thought About

All right, let’s spill the beans on some costs that might sneak up on you:

  • Training Sessions: Even the best might need some guidance, especially if what you’re asking is super specific to your business.
  • Keeping in Touch: Those Skype calls and emails? They can add up, especially if you’re dialing internationally.
  • Overhead of Managing Remote Teams: Keeping everyone on the same page might need extra tools or even someone to oversee things.

The Real Savings: Is It Worth It?

Does it make sense to outsource to the Philippines? For many, the answer is “heck yes!” You could save up to 60% just on salaries. And when you toss in the savings from not having to provide office space or coffee breaks, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Remember to factor in those sneaky extra costs to get the whole picture.


Outsourcing to the Philippines? It’s like shopping during a sale. You get great value, but you’ve got to be smart about it. Do your homework, factor in all the costs, and you could be a winner.

Now, before we wrap up, let’s touch on something extraordinary. The Philippines isn’t just about outsourcing; it’s a hub for some of the best BPO services. From customer service and technical support to accounting and finance, data processing, and even HR functions, they have a wide array of services catering to diverse business needs.

So, stick around if you’re a budding business or an old hand looking for fresh tricks. With the Philippines’ leading BPO offerings, this is one journey you’ll want to share with your crew!


How much per hour are we talking about outsourcing in the Philippines?

It’s a range, but somewhere between $4 to $18 per hour, depending on the job.

Are there any costs that might surprise me when outsourcing?

Yep, things like training, communication tools, and some management overhead. Always good to ask upfront.

Is the work quality in the Philippines up to scratch?

Absolutely! They have a talented bunch over there and are up to par with global standards.

Time zones: hassle or manageable?

It can be a juggle, but many firms in the Philippines are super flexible and will shuffle their hours to match yours.

Can I pop over and check out the outsourcing firm in person?

For sure! It’s a great way to get a feel for things and meet the team.


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